Customer Testimonials

Praise for Earth Heart products.

Earth Heart® has a long-standing reputation for designing effective natural remedies using plant-based ingredients that help dogs live happier, healthier lives. 

Read on to learn what people have to say about Earth Heart products.


Canine Calm

“I think my German shepherd, Lucia, would crawl under my skin during a thunderstorm if she could. I tried the Canine Calm and was surprised at how fast it worked, how a dog trying to crawl into my lap turned into a dog that just turned around and lay down with her head on the floor. Nice!” – Leslie Munroe, RuffGrip Dog Leash

 “I have had a lot of success using Canine Calm as a training tool. I used it in class with an anxious and distracted German shepherd. The client was amazed at how quickly the dog became calm and focused. It made for a much better training session. The whole class could see the difference it made.”  – Cindy Skarda, trainer and founder, The Canine Coach

“My dog, Dash, has suffered from separation anxiety and general anxiety since he became part of the family. Most of his anxiety comes out when I’m around – one of the hallmarks of his
anxiety is that he velcros himself to my side and follows me everywhere. After spraying it, he seemed less clingy and calmer.” – Rebecca Braglio,

“Mugsy is a Sharpei/Pug mix who was running in the streets of Newark with pit bulls before he was rescued. He is an excitable boy with terrible memories of abuse, suffering from abandonment issues and separation anxiety.  He mouths constantly. When I come home he jumps all over me. I use the Canine Calm behind his ears and on his tummy, and he chills right out! Canine Calm was my rescue.”  – Sharlene SpinglerNew York, NY (Photo courtesy of Mary Bloom Photography)

“I had a very fearful Golden Retriever come into my self-serve dog wash. We used the Canine Calm as directed and he became very calm and remained so
throughout his bath. The owners were impressed and happy as he was kicked out of many area grooming shops, and it was recommended he be tranquilized. This was his first bath without a muzzle!  I’m sold.”  – Kathy Wolff, All Things Woof…Meow Too, Roselle, IL


Buzz Guard

“Oso, who hates any kind of spray, let me spray him with Buzz Guard. We are having more fun outdoors thanks to Buzz Guard.” – Marla Ballentine, Auburn, WA

“Buzz Guard is safe for both humans and dogs, and you can spray directly onto clothing, skin or fur. I tried Buzz Guard on Kelly and was pleased to find that a light spritzing wasn’t heavy or messy.” – Peggy Frezon, Rensselaer NY

“Buzz Guard was much more effective than anything I had tried in the past and I especially liked that I could use it on both myself and my furbabies. It is safe and natural, and smells great!”  – Dorothy Baxter, Glenwood, NJ

“Augie Dogie and I give four paws up for Buzz Guard, which is especially helpful in southwest Florida at sundown. The scent is very fresh, and because the product isn’t oily, it feels clean and light. The spray penetrates Augie’s fur with no problem at all.” – Nancy Okun, Lake Suzy, FL

I use Buzz Guard on all three of my girls simplybecause I feel good knowing I have a qualityproduct that is all-natural, and has a floral, woodsy aroma thatis pleasant”. – Doreen Disbro, Doggies and Stuff



Travel Calm

“Sophist A Cut Pet Spa strives to provide the most relaxing atmosphere possible. Upon arrival, all dogs receive an aromatherapy treatment using Travel Calm, which has made an amazing difference in all of the dogs that I groom – it seems to help the dogs control their emotions and reduce their level of stress, and many owners have noticed the positive effect. I use Travel Calm since the dogs are being transported to and from the grooming spa. And I personally love the smell of the added ginger!”  – Dawn Meisner, Sophist A Cut Pet Spa, Regina, Saskatchewan

“I couldn’t have made the five-day cross country trip from Florida to California without Travel Calm.  It worked like a charm for my two old dogs, Charlie and Susie.” – Albert DiFiore, Los Angeles, CA

 “I tried Travel Calm with my 6 month old Airedale, Sonja because she vomited every time she rode in the car, and I had tried most of the usual fixes, to no avail.  I did not want to drug her since we were going to dog training class. To my delight, Sonja rode to and from class last week without vomiting, and she was so focused during class that the instructor commented on her performance.” – Dorah Richardson, Wisconsin

“Our dogs have a variety of travel issues. Spike occasionally vomits and Roxi pants so hard sometimes I’m scared she’s going to pass out or collapse her trachea. I sprayed Travel Calm inside the car before we left, then rubbed some on their ears and tummies and off we went. I’m happy to report that Spike did not vomit and although Roxi still panted, it wasn’t as severe and she was much calmer. I very much enjoy the scent of this product myself, so that makes it so much easier to use on the dogs…..and perhaps it will help MY road rage!” – Carrie Bourlier, Girard, OH



Guard Well

“When we adopted Jasper, he had extremely dry and irritated skin that was missing fur in some places and had big scabs in others. Guard Well helped. I sprayed it on his ears, which were the most affected and irritated. He loved having a gentle massage on them, which I continued down the back of his head and neck. I also rubbed some onto his stomach, and have never seen him lie so still! He loved it. I noticed a huge decrease in his itching, and it was a nice way for us to help him adjust to being handled in a loving way, instead of fearing contact with humans.” – Jessica Marr, Momvantage

“Chevy and I both enjoy the connection that rubbing him with Guard Well creates since the ins and outs of everyday life can often get in the way of bonding. I’ve noticed that when we use it every day, Chevy has less nervous itching.” – Anna Christiansen, Laie, Hawaii

“My one dog Toby is allergic to grass and he gets a red rash on his undercarriage when he spends too much time rolling around outside. Toby has really responded well to Guard Well. I spray him before he goes outside for extended periods and he has yet to develop another rash. There have been much fewer episodes of scratching too and I know he’s enjoying the outdoors a whole lot more, thanks to this wonderful product.” – Karen Mead, Verging On