What is aromatherapy? 
The simplest definition of aromatherapy is “healing with scent.” More specifically, aromatherapy is the is the skilled and controlled use of essential oils by therapeutic inhalation and topical application to restore or maintain health and well-being.

What are essential oils?
Essential oils are the volatile oils from the rind, flower, leaf, bark, root, or resin of aromatic plants that are released via steam distillation, cold expression, and CO2 or solvent extraction.

How are the mists applied?
For both Canine Calm & Travel Calm, spray 1 or 2 mists onto your fingertips & massage the dog’s outer ears. For first use: lightly mist your shirt or pant legs, and hang out with your dog during a nonthreatening time to help your dog associate the scent with a person of comfort and to see how your dog responds.

For Guard Well, spray 1 or 2 mists directly onto irritated skin, and repeat as needed; for systemic application, spray 1 or 2 mists onto your fingertips and massage the dog’s outer ears twice daily. Reapply as needed.

With Buzz Guard, spray several mists onto your hands and massage your dog’s outer ears, back of head, abdomen, legs and tail. Repeat as needed, especially if the dog gets wet.

When is it appropriate to use the sprays?
Canine Calm can relax and comfort dogs during thunderstorms, fireworks, boarding, grooming, training, adoption, crating, hospice or clinic visits.

Travel Calm can help travelers unwind from fear of confinement or movement, and settle restlessness, drooling, panting, whimpering nausea or vomiting.

Guard Well is a must-have in your first aid and wellness kit to help soothe cuts, scrapes, scratches, hot spots, yeasty ears, sneezing, dry skin or itching.

Buzz Guard helps you play more and worry less with natural insect protection that can soothe irritated skin when your outdoor adventures have ended.

How many “mists” are needed to be effective?
For small, young or infirm dogs, one or two mists may be appropriate, and for medium to large dogs it may be necessary to use four to six mists.

With Guard Well, one or two mists applied to the site of irritation. With Buzz Guard, it depends on the size of the dog – use both as needed. 

How long before the product takes effect?
With Canine Calm & Travel Calm, nearly all dogs relax in just a few minutes. If you don’t see results within 10 minutes, repeat as needed.

With Guard Well, it depends of the level of irritation. Spray 1 or 2 mists directly onto irritated skin, and repeat as needed.

Buzz Guard should have an immediate effect. Repeat as needed, especially if the dog gets wet.

How long does a bottle of spray last?
It varies with the size of the dog, frequency of use and number of mists per application. There are approximately 600 mists per two-ounce bottle, so it costs just 2¢ per mist.

Can the products be used with puppies?
The products are safe for canine, equine and human use after 10 weeks of age.

Are the products safe to use around children?
Earth Heart products are safe to use with the entire family. Customers report positive effects for themselves when using products with their dogs. 

Can the products be used with cats?
Many cats react negatively to some essential oils, and while experts are not in agreement regarding safety issues with cats, it is generally believed that very limited exposure to quality pure essential oils is a better option than using synthetic or adulterated fragrances. 

Are there other considerations when using the products?
NEVER spray directly into the dog’s face, eyes, ears, nose or mouth. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

What is the difference between the mists and the essential oil concentrates?
The mists are diluted in a water-base to be used safely on cloth, fur or skin. The essential oil concentrates are undiluted pure essential oils, which must always be diluted before use.  We offer the diffuser as one way to safely dilute (via air) the essential oils.

Where can these products be purchased?
Order online via PayPal from each of the products pages. To find a retail store near you, visit our Find A Retailer page.